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This is just a … April 4, 2012

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This is just a test blog.  My site is:



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  1. Om Shanti Om Says:

    Quoting Franklin:

    “The Buddha has condemned godlessness by which He meant the denial of worship and renunciation, the denial of moral and social obligations, and the denial of a religious life. He recognized most emphatically the existence of moral and spiritual values. He acclaimed the supremacy of the moral law. Only in one sense can Buddhism be described as atheistic, namely, in so far as it denies the existence of an eternal omnipotent God or God-head who is the creator and ordainer of the world. The word ‘atheism’, however, frequently carries a number of disparaging overtones or implications which are in no way applicable to the Buddha’s Teaching. Those who use the word ‘atheism’, often associate it with a materialistic doctrine that knows nothing higher than this world of the senses and the slight happiness it can bestow. Buddhism advocates nothing of that sort.

    There is no justification for the branding Buddhist as atheists, nihilists, pagans, heathens or communists just because they do not believe in a Creator God. The Buddhist concept of God is different from that of other religions. Differences in belief do not justify name-calling and slanderous words.

    This Buddhist seems to understand the core of Atheism better than Christians do. The reason that Atheists hate God is because they hate the morality that He stands for. They won’t like Eastern religions any better when they discover that Eastern religions also support morality.”


    Well Franklin, that was sort of my point. That morals, ethics, and even a spiritual practice do not require the belief in a personal deity. This is precisely the appeal of Buddhism to Westeners who, lacking evidence for the existence of a personal deity, do not believe in one. Yet they too appreciate the moral and ethical framework that Buddhism has. And they also gain from the meditation practices and even rituals.

    I don’t know any practicing Western Buddhist who thinks Buddhism advocates a “materialistic doctrine that knows nothing higher than this world of the senses and the slight happiness it can bestow.”

    Not even New Atheist Pretty Boy and Public Relations Man Sam Harris (who practices Buddhist meditation) thinks this.

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